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    Post by Jenivere on Mon Nov 21, 2016 12:10 am

    Hi everyone!

    Benn does an amazing job of running regular DF for us all, but we could do with others helping take on leading it from time to time so he's not doing all the hard work! First off always make sure someone has bells they are willing to use, or time it right to get the free DF run which is every 2 hours. It is available when the Wizard has a yellow speech bubble icon on him which lasts for 5 minutes so you have to be ready on time and be quick. In GMT it is at half past every odd numbered hour. It'll be on the calendar for your time zone.

    One of the main things is knowing how many players you have. The management I developed back before the Alliance has continued on and is actually quite simple to get going now. I'll sum it up below.

    1. Assign group leaders. The first step in running a successful DF is having good groups. By assigning group leaders and getting them to fill their groups in turn you will know how many players you are working with. It doesn't really matter who the group leaders are, but it can be helpful if they are officers if they are available.

    2. Check how many players you have. If all groups are full you'll have 5 per group which is nice and easy to work out. You need about 15 people, or 3 full groups, per dragon - unless you have very experienced and high DPS players in all your groups. Otherwise you can have no more than 20 people on one dragon or it will become immune to all damage and you'll be unable to kill it. So if you don't have enough to run 2 dragons, take 4 groups to do one. If you have extra people left out, you can always ask others to drop out so that the leftover people can join in for a second Dragonflight run.

    3. Balance your groups. If you're running 2 dragons, make sure you have a good spread of roles on both, so you've got strong tanks, heals and DPS on each dragon. In some cases you may need to get people to switch dragons if one group is struggling, try to make sure you choose people who know the way and have fast mounts.

    4. Timing. If you have 2 dragons you'll likely need to get one group to stop attacking when it gets to 5% to allow the other group to catch up. This is pretty easy with good communication, so you shouldn't have any trouble.

    5. When it's all done and you've finished running, thank the person who used the bells - they do cost Zen and the donation should be appreciated Very Happy


    That should be all you need to know for running Dragonflight. It is preferable if only Guild Leaders and Guild Officers take charge, but it would be great if you guys could run some too Wink

    Happy Hunting!

    ~ Jen

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