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    Stronghold Heroics

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    Stronghold Heroics

    Post by Jenivere on Mon Nov 21, 2016 12:15 am

    Stronghold Heroics are the best way to get our Influence donations coming in - right now Greek Gods need a lot of influence to help get towards our Marketplace so we can get those shiny Dragonflight goodies and other r4 market goods.

    Anyone can run heroics any time - if you feel like you're missing the big guild/alliance runs then see if others want to do a run whenever you want to. All of the heroics, large and small, will give you the influence you need to hit the 400 per day limit and donate to the coffer. A group of 5 can easily take on the R1 Heroics, 2 groups can obliterate the R2 ones, and R3 Heroics can be tackled with 3-4 groups.

    Gather your guildies and earn your daily influence - it'll help us all as we grow our guilds! cheers

    Happy Hunting!

    ~ Jen

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